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Words matter.

The Qur'an. The Torah. The Bible. These are some of the sacred texts we believe in and respect for similarities while honoring differences. These texts call us to be one human family. These texts call followers to dismantle hate and to build positive bridges.

We condemn hate in any and all forms.

Hate cannot be justified based on nation of origin. It cannot be justified on the grounds of economics. There is no excuse.

We regret the words of the President of the United States dividing the human family in his remarks on immigration and s-hole countries. We remember our country was and continues to be a nation of immigrants.

We will not dismiss the President's remarks as "not surprising."

We are beyond surprised and are wholeheartedly outraged. We call on Greater Danbury to not lose hope and to continue to build positive bridges with sisters and brothers of any country.

   Association of Religious Communities, Board of Directors

Joe Walkovich, President         Micheal Marcus, Vice President

Willie Johnson, Treasurer       Rev. Stephen Tickner, Secretary

Rabbi Jon Haddon                                                 Wilson Hernandez

Shazeeda Kahn                                        Rev. Dr. Joseph Krasinski

Rev. Bryn Smallwood-Garcia                        Rabbi Ari Rosenberg

The Ven. Wisdom Sakya

and Rev. Phyllis J. Leopold, Executive Director

Needed: A Domestic Violence Prevention
Group Facilitator.

Must have prior experience facilitating groups
for domestic volence offenders.

Contact: Kim, Program Coordinator at ARC
203-792-9450 Ext. 105 or

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A very big THANK YOU to All About Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Danbury for donating dental supplies to ARC. They will get put to good use.

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